I have been seriously neglecting this poor blog the last few weeks. As we get ready to welcome a new baby boy into our family (less than 4 weeks now!) my brain is all over the place. We’re still working on finishing up his nursery, but we’ve got everything else pretty much settled. I’m doing great. Feeling the aches and pains of the last month of pregnancy, but overall this has been the most perfect pregnancy I could ask for. I actually caught myself thinking that I’ll miss being pregnant the other day! The version of myself from 4 years ago (when I was pregnant with our daughter) would have slapped me for even thinking such a thought!

Anyway, I wrapped up my last few sessions before my maternity leave last weekend and I do feel relieved to be done. However, now we’ve got to get them edited and shipped out to clients before little man shows up. At least that’s my plan. But you know what God thinks of our plans ;).

Here are a few sneak peeks from one of the mini sessions Saturday at Metamora Fields Golf Club in Metamora, IL. I have to give a huge thank you to the staff at the golf club. Lisa Miller was an amazing support for me and made the day as smooth as can be! I guess while we’re giving shout outs, my wonderful husband, Justin, deserves a huge one. He tagged along to be my assistant for the day…and also to make sure I didn’t go into labor while an hour and a half from home with all kinds of clients coming in :). Thanks babe! He spoiled me…I might have to considering bringing him on as a full time assistant ;).