Her first sleepover!

We moved over a year ago and it is still hard for this little girl. Some of the friendships that were formed in her first 3 years of life are obviously much stronger than we realized. She talks about the kids in our old neighborhood daily, asking if we can go over and play at their houses. She is so so good about it.

Hailey: “Hey mom! I know! Let’s go play at Katelyn’s house today!!”
Me: “I’m sorry sweety, Katelyn’s house is really far away now.”
Hailey: “oh (very disappointed face). Well, maybe we can go next time, right? (with an accepting smile on her face)”
Me: “Yeah babe, next time.”

Ack! Breaks my heart every. single. time. So I was SO excited when my dear friend Julia and I were able to work out a weekend for her first sleepover back in the old neighborhood! Now, she’s had friends sleep over here a few times, and she’s slept over and Grandma and Papa’s house and my brother’s house, but she’s never gone and spent the night at a friend’s house. Much less a friend that is an hour and a half away! She was giddy as can be. She woke up from her nap, grabbed her big school bag and got herself packed and was ready to go a solid hour before they got here. No, she wasn’t scared. But I was. I wasn’t scared that she wasn’t in good hands. There is probably nobody else I would feel more comfortable with taking my baby than Julia. But why is it that, as moms, our brains always go to the worst case scenario? Immediately, I knew someone would break in to their house during the night, or Hailey would randomly wake up and wander outside (which she’s never done before, ever. She doesn’t even wake up during the night period), or that there would be a huge fire. These thoughts invaded my brain and wouldn’t leave. Grrr.

But, needless to say, she had a wonderful time. I think it did her heart (and mine) good to get back to our old neighborhood and people she is so comfortable with. Miss all you guys up in GTH!