With this new year comes a fresh look to the AMP blog. I am also doing away with the website. What we have instead is a ‘blogsite’. Fancy, huh? This blogsite has everything the website had, in what I think is a much more aesthetically pleasing form. Feel free to take a look around, and to help you get oriented, I’ll point out a few things.

Let’s start with the menu you see at the top of this page:


Like it says, that’s where you’ll find just about anything you’re looking for. Most of them are self explanatory and not too complicated. Since I don’t have a traditional website anymore, my portfolio has been moved here. Under the ‘galleries‘ button you’ll find links to all my work. Just click and a slideshow will pop up…fabulous!

Meet Stacy ~ everything you didn’t want to know about me.

Contact ~ obvious ;).

Session details ~ hopefully this will answer any questions you may have regarding an Anastasia Marie Photography session (including pricing information). If you have any other questions though, please always feel free to use that contact button and shoot me a message!

My favorite things ~ this one I’m excited about. Being that my job requires me to be on a computer much of the time, and the fact that I have two monitors means I’m usually browsing the web while I edit. This also means I come across way too much cool stuff not to share. So as I come across things I love I’ll be adding them to this section. It will change all the time so check back whenever you pop over.


The little buttons over on the left hand side of your screen mostly deal with how to stay in touch with me.


Here you’ll find buttons that will get you to the Anastasia Marie Photography Facebook page, my Twitter account, my email list (I usually send out up to four newsletters per year, once a quarter, just updating you on fun stuff going on over here), and finally the RSS feed.

I’m very excited about the new look of the blogsite and I hope you like it! Take some time to look around.