So, I’m going to let you in on something that I probably shouldn’t tell anyone ever. I’m not proud of it. I need to stop it. It’s dangerous. But I just can’t help it.

When I leave a photo session, I set my camera down on the passenger seat with the best of intentions. I buckle up and drive away telling myself to just leave the camera where it is and focus on driving. But every single time I reach over and grab that dang camera and flip through the images on my way home.

I know. I know. Let me have it. I know it’s terrible. I comfort myself by saying that 99% of my sessions happen in the middle of nowhere and there’s nobody on the road with me on the way home – and if there *are* cars around I keep the camera turned off. But I know it’s still an awful habit that I need to stop. I need to put my camera in the back of the car where your cell phone is supposed to go.

But guys.

When you know this shot plus all of it’s brothers and sisters are sitting there waiting for you to see them. It’s just so hard! Every single picture from this session is literally bursting with love and happy and crazy boys with awesome goofball personalities and parents who let them be who they are and I LOVE IT! I can’t even begin to imagine have 3 boys in 3 years (less than, right?!)…but they did it and they rocked it. These boys are the best! I cannot wait to show you all the rest of this session!

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This dress has been hanging on the closet door frame in our room for months. I’ve been meaning to take miss Brooklyn’s picture in it because it’s the dress that her big sister wore for *her* first birthday 8 years ago. This morning I finally got her out to do that (even though she’s all puffy-eyed from some sort of icky bug probably brought home from school). But playing with her, watching her explore everything with fresh eyes, showing her how pretty fall is, watching her total care-free, sweet, loving, trusting little baby-ness just about broke my heart.
We all woke up to such evil this morning. Such hatred. Such an unfathomable action taken by someone – for what? There is nothing that could ever come close to justifying an act so horrifying. I am truly heartbroken and terrified about the world our babies will have to grow up in. How do we stop this? There has got to be a way. Good has got to win.

Well hey there!

I don’t quite know what happened here, but life has officially taken over. 2017 has been one for the record books for the Kragers. I knew bringing baby #3 into the mix was going to take most of my time away. And I was fine with that. I *welcomed* that. I was ready for that. What I was *not* ready for, was everything else that this year brought us. We started off with a bang (pun intended?) with me breaking my knee in February, resulting in months of me being off my feet, on crutches, unable to do pretty much anything and relying on so many for pretty much everything. It just went on from there with various accidents and injuries and illnesses and hospital visits for everyone in our family. Whoever has the Krager voodoo doll – we get it…you can stop poking and twisting and burning and whatever else you’re doing. We’re all set, thanks.

Moving from one child in activities to two also totally threw me for a loop. I vividly and distinctly remember the first 2 weeks of summer break. It was everything summer should be. We slept in (if you consider 7am sleeping in, which my children unfortunately do), we played outside, we ate ice cream for lunch, we played in sprinklers…and then everything gets a little hazy until this very moment right here. Softball and teeball and swim team and birthdays and friend/family commitments literally every single weekend rushed us through summer so much that we literally did not have one single day or night at home for 2 and a half months.

I’m not joking people.

I know all of you parents with several older kiddos are sitting back and chuckling at me with understanding.

Guys. I am legitimately terrified for the day that that little girl down there is old enough to be in activities and her big sibs are old enough to be in *serious* activities that require daily practices/games.


How do you do it?!?! I am determined to figure that out this year and face next summer armed and ready. At least that’s my stance in September…let me hold onto my dreams, k? :).

It broke. my. heart. not to be able to take any clients during the summer. I was back on my feet after the knee break sometime towards the end of May and so excited to be booking clients for the summer! Then…as I looked at my calendar and tried to actually book those clients, I realized that there was literally no time. Family just had to come first.

Today though, I feel like I can take a huge deep breath. This year I send TWO of my babies off to school every morning and get to focus on that sweet face down there. Bonus…she naps like a champ. So I also get to focus on trying to breathe some life back into my business that has been so quiet for the last year and a half or so.

So here we go! My first post since June 22!

With all that being said – if you’re interested in family photos this fall, I would love to hear from you! Send me a note through the contact button up there at the top of this page and we’ll chat about YOUR crazy busy wonderful perfect family :).

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