Hello week 35. I honestly never thought I would see you again. After the loss we experienced in November, it’s been really hard for me to fully grab onto this pregnancy and believe that we’ll end up with a baby when it’s all said and done. It took us a very long time to tell our family about this little one, and even longer to tell our friends and the rest of the internet world. It took us a long time to start getting ready for her to join us – setting up the crib, making sure she had clothes and all the things you need to bring home a newborn. Even now at 35 weeks it’s hard for me to have faith that everything will be ok. But I’m starting to force myself to picture this sweet baby girl and how she will fit into our family in just a few short weeks.

This is my absolute favorite part of being pregnant – this last month or so – even with all it’s aches and pains and difficulty sleeping and getting comfortable and basically doing anything at all. I love the anticipation and excitement of not knowing what will happen or when it will happen or how it will happen. I love the weekly doctor’s visits and just how close we are to changing forever as a family. We cannot wait to meet her!

PS – I haaaaaaaaate pictures of myself. Especially pictures of *just* me. There are probably only 3 in existence. But. Here you go anyway…



With just about 8 weeks (or less – insert panic attack!) until we get to welcome our baby girl home, we are all anxiously awaiting our new little sister! A glider is something I’ve wanted since our first little one came home, and somehow it just never happened. But with this likely being our last baby, I was determined to find one we loved and be comfy during those hours and hours of rocking a sweet little newborn!

We are all so excited to snuggle up with her in this spot! And I love that these two just kind of hang out here in the mean time :).

Stacy Krager Photography | Peoria Illinois lifestyle photographerPIN

Stacy Krager Photography | Peoria Illinois lifestyle photographerPIN


Mother nature seems to be forcing us into a little break from our non-stop summer this weekend. Which would be much-welcomed if it wasn’t Fourth of July weekend! Temps in the low 60s and rain! Crazy! Boating is obviously out of the question. Sigh.

We’re using the time to do some much-needed prep for this baby who will be here before we know it!! Less than 9 weeks to go if she makes it all the way until her due date!

We did get to sneak in a trip to the drive-in for my most favorite summer tradition though! Finding Dory and BFG. Surprisingly, miss Hailey was the only one to make it through both entire movies! The boys were both out within 5 minutes of the second movie starting and I was in and out the entire second movie. She’s a trooper!

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And just like that, my days just me and my little guy have come to an end. Big sister is out of school for the summer, and by the time they go back to school, we’ll likely have a little sister to keep us busy. So hard to believe after the year we’ve had.

We definitely didn’t choose to have our babies 4 years apart. There are a ton of reasons why that age gap stinks.


There are a lot of reasons why that age gap is amazing. One of them being that I’ve gotten several years to love on each one of my babies by themselves during the day. Hailey had the first 4 years of her life to have us all to herself. When Evan came along, she was a year away from kindergarten, and I’ve had 3 years to spend so much special time with just him during the days. The same thing will be true with baby #3. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

Stacy Krager Photography | Peoria IIllinois photographerPIN