fall family photo session in central llinois | a peek for the Hand family

I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with this business I’m in and this month of October.

Halloween and the entire fall season are one of my favorite times of year. I’m one of those pumpkin spice girls who counts the days until I can light my Yankee candles and put on my boots and scarves and light the fireplace (okay…turn on the fireplace…). I decorate like crazy and spend way too much time making my kids’ Halloween costumes. Hocus Pocus is on repeat unless I have the rare opportunity to watch something with just my 9 year old and then I’m introducing her to the Goosebumps movies of my childhood. If only they had Are You Afraid of the Dark on Netflix! I LOVE this time of year.

Forutnately/unfortunately…so does everyone else. It’s our busiest time of year as photographers when we are often doing 2+ sessions per day on the weekends and as many as we can squeeze in during the week.

I  l.o.v.e.  this.

I love getting to see so many of my favorite families and meet so many new clients. I love getting into the groove of things and I love coming home from every session with my bucket completely full and feeling so energized. Most of us photographers love what we do. No – adore what we do. When I say I come home with my bucket completely full? I mean it. Photographing families completely fills me up. When you all trust me with your families and your memories and trust me to get so close to you and let me in on a side of yourselves that not too many get to see? I treasure that. I am honored to get to do this.

But, it means I’m super busy in October :). So there’s not much time for watching spooky movies or indulging in my Pinterest hoarded fall crafts. We didn’t even buy our pumpkins until yesterday – thankfully our local farm stand still had some!

But tonight – I am locked up in our bedroom with some awesome ghost stories playing on TV, snuggled up under the covers and editing like crazy :). The hubs took over everything after dinner and I am glued to my laptop. I kind of love it :).

Happy Halloween everyone! Someone make those adorable white chocolate covered pretzels that look like ghosts for me, k?

Photo of a girl in the woods in fall colorsPIN

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