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This dress has been hanging on the closet door frame in our room for months. I’ve been meaning to take miss Brooklyn’s picture in it because it’s the dress that her big sister wore for *her* first birthday 8 years ago. This morning I finally got her out to do that (even though she’s all puffy-eyed from some sort of icky bug probably brought home from school). But playing with her, watching her explore everything with fresh eyes, showing her how pretty fall is, watching her total care-free, sweet, loving, trusting little baby-ness just about broke my heart.
We all woke up to such evil this morning. Such hatred. Such an unfathomable action taken by someone – for what? There is nothing that could ever come close to justifying an act so horrifying. I am truly heartbroken and terrified about the world our babies will have to grow up in. How do we stop this? There has got to be a way. Good has got to win.