fall family photos in Metamora, IL | a peek at the Karcher Family

So, I’m going to let you in on something that I probably shouldn’t tell anyone ever. I’m not proud of it. I need to stop it. It’s dangerous. But I just can’t help it.

When I leave a photo session, I set my camera down on the passenger seat with the best of intentions. I buckle up and drive away telling myself to just leave the camera where it is and focus on driving. But every single time I reach over and grab that dang camera and flip through the images on my way home.

I know. I know. Let me have it. I know it’s terrible. I comfort myself by saying that 99% of my sessions happen in the middle of nowhere and there’s nobody on the road with me on the way home – and if there *are* cars around I keep the camera turned off. But I know it’s still an awful habit that I need to stop. I need to put my camera in the back of the car where your cell phone is supposed to go.

But guys.

When you know this shot plus all of it’s brothers and sisters are sitting there waiting for you to see them. It’s just so hard! Every single picture from this session is literally bursting with love and happy and crazy boys with awesome goofball personalities and parents who let them be who they are and I LOVE IT! I can’t even begin to imagine have 3 boys in 3 years (less than, right?!)…but they did it and they rocked it. These boys are the best! I cannot wait to show you all the rest of this session!

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