Hi! I’m Stacy and this is my crew.

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My clients let me into their lives so warmly and completely – it is absolutely what allows me to capture such honest images of what life is like at that moment in time for them. I thought it only fair that you guys get to meet my awesome little behind the scenes crew over here too. The people who make it all possible – or impossible if we’re talking about the 2 year old ;).

My husband up there is the reason it is possible for me to have my dream job. He is supportive in every way possible and I love him so much for that. My littles are my muse. Everything in this world is new to them and they help me see things that way. They take the time to stop and notice the small things that we pass by every day. And that is my goal in everything I photograph. To take notice of the normal, mundane, every day things that will mean so much to us 20 or 30 years down the road.

As for me, I am Stacy.  I love photography. My passion is photography. It is (and really always has been) that one thing for me that gives me butterflies and makes my heart skip a beat. Photographs literally take my breath away. One of my clients once gave me the best compliment I could ever be given when she said, “you were just made to photograph life!”…goosebumps! I get so much joy out of what I do every day, it reaches in and touches my heart and soul.

I think of myself as a generally creative person, always trying to do the DIY thing or cooking or doing simple crafty home things. (hello, Pinterest!) I love that by ‘creating’ photographs for my clients, I am creating something useful. Something that will stay with them for their lifetime. It’s not a ‘wasted’ creation. Not that anything is really wasted, but when I’ve got three drawers full of ‘creations’ I’ve knitted that will never see the light of day again, it’s so good to know that what I create with my camera actually means something to someone.

I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but moved down state to go to college at Bradley University where I double majored in Dietetics and Photography…nice combo huh? Then my would-be husband started working at Caterpillar and now we’re here for good. I miss my Chicago suburbs dearly but am happy to call central Illinois our home. We have friends/family all over the state (and country) and are constantly driving 3+ hours to do something or see someone. So if you’re not in the central Illinois area, get in touch and we’ll more likely than not be able to work something out!

If you like what you see around here, I’d love a chance to chat with you, so please get in touch via the contact button at the top!


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